Best Weight Loss Drinks That Help You Lose Weight Very Fast

Most people when they want to lose weight strictly control what they eat, but do not usually pay attention to drinks, which contain calories and can be allies or villains in weight loss. According to international surveys, one-fifth of the total calories ingested per day come from drinks. By choosing the right drinks, you will be able to speed up your metabolism, decrease your appetite and reduce the total calories ingested.

Best Weight Loss Drinks in 2023

Best Weight Loss Drinks

Soft drinks

Every time you have a glass of soda, you consume hundreds of calories that are good for nothing. According to the US Center for Science of Public Interest, carbonated drinks are the main source of calories in the American diet. Cutting out diet sodas can be a good way to eliminate calories, but it has not been proven that avoiding sodas helps you lose weight.


Drinking lots of water daily is great for losing weight. Drinking two glasses of water before a meal helps the stomach get full faster, which prevents the person from overeating. There is also a beneficial effect on metabolism.

Grape juice

Juices can be as caloric as refreshments, but they offer many more nutrients. And this poses a dilemma: You want the vitamins and oxidants without the extra sugar. The safest bet is 100% fruit juice. Avoid juices with sweeteners. One can reduce calories by drinking juice mixed with water.

Vegetable Juices

They are as nutritious as fruit juice, with about half the calories. For example, 12 grams of tomato juice has 80 kilocalories (kcal), while the same amount of orange juice has twice as much. Pulp juice is also high in fiber and can help control hunger.


Mix bananas, and strawberries in a sparkling shake and you’ll have a delicious arsenal of vitamins and minerals to fight disease. When the vitamin is prepared at home, it is easier to count calories because you better control which ingredients you want to use. In bars and restaurants, the drink can carry ice cream, honey and other sugary and sweetening products that increase the calorie count.

Skimmed milk

Consuming calcium-rich foods can help strengthen a body, but calcium will not help you lose weight, according to new research. Previous studies have suggested that calcium may cause the body to burn fatter, but there is little evidence in these claims. It has been shown that depriving the body of calcium can stimulate increased fat cell production. So it is better to opt for nonfat dairy products.

Energetic drinks

Sports drinks and energy drinks are calorie bombs like soft drinks with sugar. They may have more nutrients, but the same vitamins and minerals can be found in low-calorie foods. People who need to follow a strict weight control regime should stay hydrated with water instead of sports drinks.PUBLICITY


When a person needs a dose of caffeine, coffee is a better choice than soda or energy drinks. Black coffee is calorie-free and mad in antioxidants. Studies show that drinking moderate amounts of coffee (three to four cups a day) improves mood and concentration, and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and different cancers.

Coffee with cream

When cream, flavored syrups and / or whipped cream are added, a simple cup of black coffee becomes a minefield of sugar and fat. Some types of coffee may contain 570kcal per cup, probably more than a full meal. If you don’t like black coffee, you can add a little skim milk and sweetener to keep your calorie count low.

Green tea

Green tea is another excellent choice when we need caffeine. Not only is the drink calorie-free, but some scientists suggest that the green tea extractor stimulates weight loss through the action of phytochemicals. These compounds can temporarily induce the body to burn fat. This benefit seems to last only a few hours; so you need to drink it at least twice a day.

Wine coolers may seem like a light drink, but they have a lot of calories. About 340g contains 190kcal and 22g of carbohydrates. Ordinary wine is not much better, with at least 100kcal in a glass.


A serving of liquor has fewer calories than wine or wine cooler but mixed with soft drinks or cream, forget it.

Light beer

Beer doesn’t really help you lose weight, but you want to choose this type of drink rather than light. She is 100kcal, 50 less than the usual.