Do you feel lucky? Roulette is the ultimate game of chance where you put your money down and hope your number gets called. It’s one of the easiest and oldest casino games to pick up. Your three classic variations of roulette are American, European and French. They are all built on the same premise, with a few differences.

For a modernized twist on the classic, primarily found online, there is also these modified versions of roulette: Multiball, Multiwheel, Mini and No Zero.

It’s understandable with all these variations of roulette circulating you may not know which version you’d be interested in giving a spin. Read on to figure out which roulette style you’d like to bet on.

The Main 3 Types of Roulette Explained

Ball Rolling Around a Roulette Wheel

Before you go about trying your luck at a brick-and-mortar casino or online site like, make sure you’re playing the roulette-style you like best.

The original roulette board – European – has numbers from 0 to 36 that are randomly placed on the board. Whereas, the American version improves the house’s odds by adding 00 in addition to 0-36; they also pair numbers together instead of randomizing their appearance on the board.

Just that one tweak, adding an extra number – American-style – improves the house’s edge to 1 in 38 chances or 5.26% as compared to the player-friendly European house edge of 2.70%. The inclusion of an extra number also gives players more betting options – Top Line Bet, where you bet on 00, 0, 1-3. However, the odds are against you with that one, the house edge is 7.9%! Betting is nearly the same between American and European, apart from the Top Line Betting option. Bets are either Inside (betting on single or multiple numbers) think the numbers on the inside the board or (outside of betting specific numbers, e.g., odd/even) the lower risk, lower payout variety otherwise known as Outside betting.

French Roulette is the original roulette game and functions similarly to the European offshoot. However, the board is structured differently. It features only one 0 while the house advantage and betting options are the same, except for a few additional betting options. La Partage is one such even money bet, where if the player rolls 0, the bet is divided between the house and player – reducing the house’s edge to 1.35%! Along the same lines as La Partage, En Prison is another even money betting option where, in the event, the player rolls a 0, instead of splitting the winnings the bet is frozen, and the player rolls again. It’s like a second chance for the player to win back their initial bet.

Online Variations

Roulette Wheel

Can’t get enough roulette that you want to practice your luck at home or on the go, then these are the most popular modernized roulette games.

Multiball: As the name suggests, play up to 3 balls at once for 3 possible results (also divides the bet). Multiball follows European rules.

Multiwheel: If you’re overeager, you can bet on 1-8 different roulette wheels at once.

Mini: A smaller board 0-12 following European rules, it’s meant for the beginner as there are limited betting options: one number, even/odd, red/black and combination and row.

No Zero: Eliminate the house’s edge by removing the zero with this online-only version of roulette. With straight odds, you instantly up your chances of winning.

Roulette Variations and Rules Explained

Highend Roulette Wheel

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to review the differences between the 3 main styles of roulette and the live versions, try hitting for some real-time roulette action!