The crowd-pleasing casino game of roulette is a fixture in every online or in-house casino. But have you ever stopped to admire the beauty of the roulette wheel itself? It’s a work of art. The roulette wheel hasn’t changed much since it was created decades ago. Well mostly. Sometimes the roulette wheel is reinvented with different materials (e.g., wood) and finishes (e.g., gold) to create a flashier version of this traditional casino game.

Let’s deconstruct the roulette wheel and take a look at some expensive and exciting roulette wheels.

The Nuts & Bolts of the Roulette Wheel

Tools with blueprints

The components of the roulette wheel have two main elements that make up the rotating game of chance. The bowl and the wheelhead. The bowl is the fixed wooden box that houses the rotating wheelhead. While the wheelhead is the iconic red, black and numbered gameboard.

A standard bowl is approximately 32 inches in diameter. The bowl is constructed of wood, wood panelling or wood composition – and the area most altered when the roulette wheel is reimagined.

The wheelhead has a diameter of 20 inches and rests inside the bowl. Working from the outside of the wheel in, the outside area is the numbered and coloured pockets. Moving inward is the center fixture that’s called a cone because of its conical shape, the cone is responsible for navigating the ball into a numbered pocket. At the center of the roulette wheel is the turret, which is another area that can be embellished with impressive finishes but its primary function is to hide the height adjuster – the wheel must be a certain level in order for it to work as intended, to encourage the ball into a pocket.

The Average Roulette Wheel

Traditional red and black roulette wheel

Your average casino’s roulette wheel can weigh as much as 100 pounds! The bowl is conventionally made of polished mahogany, and the inner elements such as the turret are primarily made of metal.

Low-end casinos or personal roulette boards will forgo the wood and metal, for plastic.

Extraordinary Roulette Wheels

High end roulette wheel with polished finish

The average casino isn’t like what you’d find in Las Vegas, those casinos are built to be extraordinary attractions. Taking a trip to Vegas is the adult version of Disneyland, but for gambling adults. Everything is bigger and more extravagant than the casinos you’re used to at home. This goes for their roulette wheels as well.

Here are some fantastic ways to take a regular old roulette wheel from average to extraordinary:

  • The Bowl: As mentioned before the usual material used is mahogany, but if that hardwood is too predictable then you have a list of other woods to choose from like cherry or maple. Not good enough? Try an exotic wood. When you’ve selected your color, some manufacturers will even allow you the option to choose if its gloss or matt finish.
  • The Turret: Metal or steel may be the norm, but for a high roller kind of finish you’ll also find gold or even crystal.
  • The possibilities are endless with infamous casino equipment suppliers like TCSJohnHuxley, that offer entirely customizable wheels. Things like recessed lighting in any colour or patterned woods for the bowl are just some of their special options.

The Beauty of the Roulette Wheel

Traditional roulette wheel

When you’re in-house instead of getting your roulette fix online at, take time to appreciate the craftsmanship that’s gone into the wheel as you play. Like the game itself, you’ll see lots of average roulette wheels, but once in a while, you’ll come across a real work of art.